Spring wedding flowers at Stubton Hall country estate in Lincolnshire

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Everything was amazing

H & M | 2023

Spring wedding flower brief

The brief for this black tie wedding was a light and elegant spring feel. The flowers were the only colour accent in an otherwise neutral palette (until you see the Groom’s jacket!). The couple wanted the flowers to highlight rather than compete with the beautiful interiors of Stubton Hall.

What we loved the most

The open brief and the trust from H & M to create what we thought most beautiful made this wedding extra special. It was incredible to be able to choose from the best spring wedding flowers available make every table bowl and bouquet just that little bit unique.

The arrangement that captured our hearts – and the hearts of the guests – was the staircase installation. We had so many conversations with H & M about how they envisioned the space. The concept we created was delicate cherry blossom but a storm just a week before the wedding ruined our carefully laid plans; all the blossom was damaged.

As one door closes another opens; just after the storm all the magnolia trees began to flower. Looking back this blossom was even more perfect for the space. The large flowers with their shimmering petals harmonised with the grandeur of the historic staircase and the light from the window just highlighted them perfectly. Muted tones and blended pinks in the petals also matched the Groom’s jacket and created a picture perfect moment.

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Sustainability focus

The couple particularly requested locally grown flowers and for the arrangements to be as low waste as possible. A more eco-friendly wedding was important to them. Although early in the growing season for England it was planned that all the flowers would be sourced British grown. A cold spring and a lack of rain through February and March prevented this. Locally grown flowers were blooming three weeks later than expected.

Using our network of specialist growers across the UK we are able to source around half the flowers British grown. While there are few reliable statistics, the data that exists suggests English grown flowers have one tenth of the carbon footprint of imported flowers. To us this means that even sourcing a portion of the flowers locally grown has a big impact.

In addition, no floral foam was used and almost no single use plastic was used. The only single use plastic was tape and cable ties. All the waste was separated with flowers going to compost and all paper and cardboard recycled. Literally a few handfuls of plastic and rubbish were binned.

You can read more on eco-friendly wedding flowers and sustainable choices on our blog

Wedding supplier team

Venue: @Stubtonhall
Photographer: @kazooieloki_photography
Flowers: @limewoodflowers
Hair: Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing⁠
Makeup: Kokoshka Makeup⁠
Dress: White Rose Graceful from Opuclence Bridal and Prom ⁠

Flower suppliers: Hoek Flowers, Flowers by Clowance, The Packing Shed Tamar, The Flower Hut at Barn Owl Cottage, Floral Media, Smith and Munson⁠
Botanically dyed silk ribbons: Bertie and Fred

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