New beginnings

This morning I felt like a kid at Christmas. So excited I couldn’t sleep but also tired and a whisker away from grumpy if everything didn’t go my way. It was my first working day as a florist; a whole day to do all the things that need doing on the business. I tried to behave like an adult, I didn’t spend the day making beautiful bouquets instead the day involved a lot of ‘shed’. Quotes for sheds, where the doors and windows could go on the sheds and then nearly crying over the price of sheds.

The current shed has more holes in it than swiss cheese and will not make a good flower workshop. So a new workshop is needed, which is exciting. Then bouquets, buttonholes and all manner of flowery delights can be made all day with plenty of space. When I wasn’t shed-ing the closest I got to a flower was the garden – I walked past it while finding the compost to plant more seeds that will grow into beautiful flowers. Or at least I am hoping they will grow.

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