Giant Christmas wreath

Giant Christmas wreath
Giant Christmas wreath | Limewood Flowers | Lincolnshire wedding florist | Event florist | eco florist

Christmas wreath making tends to keep florists busy throughout December and this year I went big with the wreath making – I mean really big! We are talking a 2m high Christmas wreath installation big.

A lovely friend of mine who runs the Seascape Café wanted to make a festive statement and this is where Limewood Flowers, a Lincolnshire wedding florist, came in. It is so great for small businesses, in very different sectors, to be able to collaborate and create something that just works.  

Planning the giant Christmas wreath

But back to the plan, the sea views through the huge windows (as well as the ridiculously tasty food) are what make the café. What could be created that would make an impact yet not ruin the view?

It was also really important to consider the style of the venue. It has a very relaxed laid-back seaside feel and filling it with shiny baubles and gold was just not going to work.

So, this is where the idea of a giant wreath began to develop. It could be huge and be in front of the window but because it is a Christmas wreath it creates a ‘porthole’ to see the views. It would need to have plants not flowers, particularly those that are associated with Christmas and it would need to be built of a rustic material – birch twigs.

Plus, to top it all off, the installation had to last all month. So fresh flowers were not going to work.

The installation begins

So, you might think that the first step is to start weaving the birch twigs into a lovely wreath, but no before that we had to cut the birch. It was sourced sustainably supporting nature conservation and taken to the café in bundles. This would all have been fine if it hadn’t been pouring – wet me and wet muddy car!

Even before this however, how the wreath would stand up was a very important consideration. The ‘mechanics’ (as florists call them!) gave me not just a headache but also a bit of a scare when they wobbled in the venue. A few concrete blocks later it was steady and my fitbit was very happy as it was a lot of trips up and down the steps.

Putting together the Christmas wreath almost became the easy and quicker part. A day and a half later it was finished and plants in place.

Selfie wreath

Very excitingly the minute the wreath was finished a couple asked Vicki to take their picture in front of it. The wreath was doing its job; creating a statement that people wanted to be part of. Over the next few weeks Vicki told me that so many people took their picture with the wreath and commented on it to the staff. So much so that it became the ‘selfie wreath’ and even got into the local newspaper.

Are you planning a statement look for your wedding? Need something to wow your guests and be a photo backdrop at the same time? Perfect for a woodland, outdoor or alternative wedding theme. Get in touch to have a flower installation created just for you.

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