Don’t meet your heroes?

This August I attended a workshop with two leading lights (aka heroes) of the floristry world. They were Fiona of Firenza Flowers and Brigitte of Moss and Stone. While I was excited about the new tips and techniques I hoped to pick up it was a little scary in case they weren’t everything I had imagined. Then there were the other florists on the course, in my head they were all outstanding florists and I would be completely intimidated.

So how did it go?

It turns out my heroes are even nicer than I imagined. Both Fiona and Brigitte made me feel very relaxed with their great teaching styles and are genuinely interested in passing on their experience to support other florists in becoming the best they can be. It gave me a huge amount of confidence to not only try a new style of floristry with my table design but also colours I usually run away from! I was so happy with the final design. The gorgeous picture above is one of many from the day taken by Holly of Belle and Beau.

Elegant wedding dining with a British flower tablescape | Image courtesy of | Limewood Flowers | Lincolnshire wedding florist | Event florist | eco florist

If that wasn’t enough all of the other florists were incredibly friendly. Yes I was intimidated by their skills but there was such a good vibe that all the creativity meshed together on the big installation. The installation really reinforced all of the lessons learnt – if you can’t see the whole piece when you are standing next to it, you are forced to stand back and see it from another perspective!

Altogether I was so happy to have met my heroes and got to know some other lovely folk who are definitely heroes in the making. I am even more excited for the future of my floristry. Now it is over to you, have you had a similar experience meeting your heroes?

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