An afternoon at Chelsea Flower Show

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The award winning Flowers from the Farm stand at Chelsea Flower Show 2018 | Limewood Flowers | Lincolnshire Florist

Of all the events for flower lovers, Chelsea Flower Show is the one that draws everybody in. It was my first visit this year and it didn’t disappoint. The huge white tent is full of growers, each with their own display of fine blooms. From hellebores they managed to make flower in May to dahlias, orchids, cactus and sereval stands of bonsai. Where to start!?

After a fine couple time admiring all the displays it was more than time for tea. Refreshed, it was time to brave the crowds again and make it to the artisan gardens. These tiny patches packed a punch, I particularly loved the so velvety round moss of the Japanese inspired Hospitality garden and wondered how on earth they managed to get the beautiful old tree into the Wellness garden.

With the crowd starting to thin it was the best time to look at the show gardens. Chelsea did not disappoint there either with the Yorkshire garden clearly deserving of its gold medal. In fact all of them looked pretty amazing and I would be happy if I could get anything half as good in my own patch!

Pimms o’clock!

After all the walking and hard work admiring the flowers a large Pimms was a well earned break and then the Chelsea Flower Show was closing. A quick walk through the tent on the way out meant I saw the Flowers from the Farm stand that I missed earlier. It was so worth it, made entirely of British grown flowers and still looking amazing. Simply the logistics of getting all the flowers to London was mind boggling.

As the shops closed up around me I walked to the exit feeling so lucky. I had a head full of inspiration and lots of flowers to look up when I got home.

Did you go to Chelsea Flower Show or watch it on TV, what was your favourite bit?

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