A thoughtful and collaborative approach to extraordinary wedding flowers

Established in 2018 at the kitchen table by Fran, Limewood Flowers now works from a dedicated home studio with a team of talented freelancers fuelled by many cups of tea and questionable music tastes.

Based in a tiny village between Lincoln and Newark-on-Trent, Limewood Flowers offers floral design services across the East Midlands, England, Scotland and Wales.

Even before work on your floral arrangements begins there are months of discussion with independent flower growers.  We dive into colour palettes, seasonal availability, the style of your day and so much more. This ensures the flowers they are growing will combine to create the naturalistic style and understated elegance Limewood Flowers is known for.  

Your day is more than the flowers, even though we think it is the flowers that will always deliver on your vision.

Our approach

Thoughtfulness and collaboration in approach extends to each couple. Your wedding day (or weekend!) is a celebration of the love you have for each other and sharing that with others. 

Limewood Flowers operates a safe and welcoming space for all couples to express that love – as long as you love flowers as well. You can defer to tradition or create your own. Our work is design led according to your vision.

Describe what will make you feel your most cherished and radiant

From here Limewood Flowers can deliver the artful details in ways that are genuine to you.

Elegant | Eco-friendly | Extraordinary  

Featured in

Limewood Flowers is honoured to work with inspiring suppliers as well as authentic couples. The links below show where my work has been featured in the press or recommended by suppliers.

The beauty of nature

A woodland filled with bluebells in May, hair stiff with salt from the spray of the waves and the unmistakable but also entirely ridiculous waft of coconut from gorse on a summers day.

The joy of recognising a speckled wood butterfly or the first shining yellow celandine of spring.  

It is no surprise that Fran’s naturalistic and elegant style is inspired from her love of the outdoors. Core memories formed growing up on the coast of Cornwall. These are  engrained so deeply that she went on to make nature conservation her career for 17 years.

A photo of a couple just married facing each other and smiling. The bride is wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet of flowers in pastel pinks, purples and whites | Image copyright https://www.pearbearphotography.com/

Meticulous Organisation

A career in nature conservation is probably not what you imagine. There are more computers than you think and far fewer people out hugging trees! 

Like any organisation, charities need team managers, project managers, fundraisers, marketing, copy writing, and all the other skills that enable the people in the reserves to do the important work. This is where Fran excelled and also learnt how divisive an Oxford comma can be.

If you are looking for a florist who is also a qualified project manager, you can stop looking.

Fran fundraised for budgets far bigger than she ever expects to work with as a florist, negotiated with local and national government on conservation policy and delivered successful conferences with as many guests as most weddings. Meticulous organisation was central to these successes and will be carried through to your celebration.

By working with your other suppliers and closely with your planner Limewood Flowers ensures that colour palettes are balanced across all the décor. The elegance of your table flowers brings to life the entire tablescape of linens, crockery and candles. The arch is standing upright despite the gale force winds and all the flowers for your cake are made food safe.

Then, there are the details you may never have considered we check. Including hair and makeup timelines to ensure that when we deliver your personal flowers you can take a moment to let that ‘I am about to get married’ feeling sink in. We also stay to show you and your loved ones how to hold, place or pin your personal flowers so that those last moments of getting ready are joyful.

In Fran's words

“Until I met my Paul I didn’t feel as if I fitted anywhere. I was always a bit different; nerdy, socially awkward, not part of the group, always putting my foot in it.

Today I am still a bit different, nerdy, socially awkward, sometimes part of the group and occasionally putting my foot in it.

Yet, on our wedding day I felt a joy, a completeness and sense of coming home that I had never experienced before. I felt entirely me and that being me was wonderful. I felt loved and cherished by everyone and returned the feeling in spades. My wish is that we all felt that radiant every single day.

In the meantime, I will be working to ensure that every couple who works with me for their flowers feels as cherished, included and radiant as I did.”

Working with us

Get in touch

In your complimentary consultation we will talk through the look and feel of your day and what is important to you. After this, you will receive a detailed floral design proposal.

Your investment

When you are entirely happy with your proposal, your date is confirmed by  paying a booking fee. 

The final amount is payable a month before your day 

Your celebration

After a final checks meeting all your arrangements are finalised and the team deliver all the flowers to you, build your venue installations, place your table flowers and ensure every detail is perfect for you.

Eco friendly and more sustainable

Limewood Flowers is a principles, as well as design, led business and one of a growing community of florists working to nudge the sector towards more sustainable options.

Fran has meticulous researched not just flower supply, but also design of arrangements and closing the loop on waste. Flowers are locally sourced where possible, after this, British grown is always preferred. Imported flowers are considered the last resort.

Designs never use floral foam and single use plastic has been reduced down to tape, cable ties and the glue on the back of a sticker. All vessels and ‘mechanics’ are cared for and designed to be used over and over for years.

Arrangements are bunched after your day for your guests to take home with the remainder composted. All remaining waste is separated, recycled or reused where possible.

This approach is extended other suppliers, with Fran always asking the difficult questions. What steps are other suppliers taking and why? What are the barriers to a more sustainable approach? How can we work collaboratively to overcome these?


“Thank you so much for making our wedding look absolutely gorgeous! You really are in the right business and I will definitely help put the word out for your business. Absolutely gorgeous! Far more than I expected! I was in total shock that someone could make flower arrangements that gorgeous!

Parents of the Groom: “Fran, words fail me the flowers are so beautiful thank you so much for doing them for us, we are eternally grateful.”

Kati & Guy

“The flowers for our wedding were so beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Fran captured the relaxed nature of the wedding with her beautiful arrangements and we had so many comments about how lovely they were.

You can tell Fran really cares about getting to know you and what you want and she was also so easy to work with, keeping you in the loop but also having everything in hand!”

Hannah & Stephen